O'Tierney – Ó Tighearnaigh

O'Tierney Ó Tighearnaigh derived from the Gaelic word tighearnach meaning “lord” or “lordly”.  Tighearnach, sometimes spelt Tigernaich or Tigernach or even Tignarach was a popular given name in ancient Ireland. The O'Tierney Clans Society was formed in 1990 to represent the following main septs of the name:

O'Tierney Chiefs of Farney (Armagh)

O'Tierney Chiefs and Lords of Ceara (Mayo)

O'Tierney Kings of Bréaga

Fearran O'Tierney (Tipperary)

O'Tierney of Corcu Modruad (Clare)


Website: http://tierneyclans.weebly.com/

Email: anotighearnaigh@gmail.com

Contact: Mr. Cathaoir Ó Tighearnaigh, Naomh Antoine, 53 Árd Aoibhinn, Athenry, County Galway, Ireland.

DNA Project in progress.