Mac Grath of Ulster – Mac Craith na Uladh

The McGrath Clan were co-arbs of the ancient pilgrimage islands (Saints Island and Station Island) known as Saint Patrick's Purgatory of Lough Derg, Co. Donegal. The territory under the control of the McGraths was known as Termondavog, after the local saint, and covered a large area of the modern counties of south east Donegal, west Tyrone and north west Fermanagh.  Incorporating Termonmagrath (the sancutuary of the McGraths) and the neighbouring Termonamongan.  The territory included the modern town of Pettigo and the townland of Aghnahoo Glebe where the McGrath Castle is located and the townland of Carrickmagrath (the rock of the McGraths) near Ballybofey, Co. Donegal, a possible inauguration site of the McGrath Chiefs. 

The lands were held by the Clan McGrath since at least the early 13th Century, when they Annals first mention the death of the Co-rab of Lough Derg, the Mac Craith of the Termon in 1290. The Termon created a buffer between the lands of the Gaelic Lords O’Donnell of Donegal (Tyrconnell) to the west, O’Neill of Tyrone to the east and Maguire of Fermanagh to the south. The Termon was protected under Irish Brehon law and fell under the physical protection of the Clan McGrath, as did the Benedictine monastery located on Saint’s Island within the Lough. 

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