Carty of Connaught – Ó Carthaigh Connacht 

Historically, the Cartys, often spelt as Carthy, or Ó Carthaigh in Irish, were recorded as being a dynasty of the Clann Cathail group of families in North Roscommon. The name derived from a king of Connaught called Cathail, who died in 735. The Ua Carthaigh were recorded as chief poets of Connaught under the famous O’Conor kings from 1067 to 1131. A later branch of the Clan established themselves as canons of the Premonstratensian monastery in Lough Key, Boyle from 1428 to 1517. A poet, Aodh Ollbhar Ua Carthaigh was also recorded in the mid-15th century, in Uí Maine territory (South Roscommon/East Galway). As centuries passed, the Clan spread out to surrounding counties in Connaught and the midlands. Today, the heaviest concentration of the name still exists in County Roscommon. Another separate unrelated clan of Cartys exist in Wexford. Carty is often confused with McCarthy from Munster but again is unrelated. Famous Cartys from County Roscommon include Brian Carthy, RTE sports presenter and Jack Carty, Connaught Rugby player.



Contact:  Mr Thomas Carty, Rosmeen, Ballintober, Castlerea, Co.Roscommon.