Bailey – Báille

Bailey International – Báille

The Ancient Name of Bailey comes from the Norman or Norse men. Up until 1900 spelling was not standardized so there are many variants in the Spelling of the name. One of the earliest in record is Simon de Bailey who accompanied William in the conquest of England 1066.

In Ireland the history of Dublin as a Viking port circa 851 had the earliest possible usage of the Name Bailey in Ireland.  The Name is predominately found in the Irish areas of; Leinster, Munster, and especially Ulster. The position was that equivalent of a Count or a High Sheriff. The name Báille, has been in Ireland since medieval times. Originally a royal official, in Scotland it is a local councilor.

 Bailey, Baillie: an-líonmhar in Ulaidh: de bhunadh Albanach, ach i Laighin & Mumhain ba Angla-Normannaigh iad: le Bailiff, an duine i bhfeighil gheata an chaisleáin.

Current Chief of clan Is Douglas B Bailey

Contact: Douglas Buchanan Bailey, 11005 W Adams St Avondale AZ